Food Sensitivities: Determining Acne Causing Foods

There are various acne causing foods since different individuals can experience levels of food sensitivities or allergies that can trigger acne. In fact, food sensitivities play a large role in the cause of acne, and the worse your body reacts to a specific food, the worse the appearance of your acne.

If you are experiencing a sudden outbreak of facial blemishes, consider what you are eating to determine if your body is generating a reaction to a specific food or ingredient.

Food allergies are quite common, with individuals proving to be sensitive to everything from nuts, one of the most common triggers of food allergies, to dairy products, to wheat and gluten.

Also, food sensitivities can develop over a person’s lifetime, so although you may not have had sensitivity to a certain type of food in the past, this option should not be completely ignored.

Consider food sensitivities if you are over 25 and have acne

Usually, adults over the age of 25 that are experiencing acne outbreaks owe their facial blemishes to the presence of some type of acne causing foods in their diet.

Generally, the teenage years are most commonly associated with the presence of acne due to the instability of hormones that trigger and overproduction of oil from the glands underneath the pores.

However, after the teenage years are left behind, it is not that uncommon for individuals to continue to battle acne. If you are an adult and have no previous experience with the condition, you should heavily consider the option that you may have a food allergy.

Diet Matters

When looking at finding the cause of acne, diet plays a huge role in determining your body’s chemical makeup. When your body deems the foods you intake are inappropriate, it will generate antibodies to fight off the “intruder,” which often results in a series of visible reactions.

Although all types of acne causing foods can trigger outbreaks, one of the most common is dairy products. There have been numerous studies linking the consumption of dairy products in individuals with a dairy based allergy to the appearance of acne.

Furthermore, individuals that test positive for egg allergies find themselves often battling acne.

Consider getting a food allergy test performed

If you are fighting acne and striving for clear skin, consider having an allergy test performed. This test, the ELISA Food Allergy Panel, is simple and will test your tolerance to about 100 different types of foods.

If you test positive for any type of food, you and your physician will be able to come up with a plan of action. Generally speaking, once you remove the allergen from your diet, all symptoms associated with the reaction, including acne should disappear.

Please be aware, food sensitivity testing, and determining acne causing foods for each individual, can be a lengthy trial and error testing before you discover which foods may be the culprit for your acne.

Food sensitivities or acne causing foods express themselves in different ways – including acne

Keep in mind that these "food sensitivities" leading to acne have a basis for study.

Furthermore, there are many different levels to the severity of your reaction to certain foods, so just because you do not experience life threatening symptoms, such as anaphylactic shock, does not mean that you are not allergic to a specific type of food.

Although completely excluding a allergen from your diet may prove difficult, there are a wide variety of options available on today’s market.

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