An Introduction To Acne Zeno Clearing Device

One of the most unique forms of acne treatment is the Acne Zeno Clearing Device even among the tons of things on the market to treat acne, from lotions to washes to coordinated face care systems to diets to oral medications.

Packaged in a high tech, portable silver item that looks like a cell phone, the treatment made by the Zeno company, is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of treatment. Of course, with any unique form of treatment for acne, there is likely to be a great deal of questioning over the item, so look to this introduction to decide if this option is one for you.

Acne Zeno Works With Other Treatments

The first thing that anyone should know about the Clearing Device is that it works without lotions, face washes, or any other topical medication. For the individual on the go, this item is great, since it will not spill in the bottom of a travel bag and, since it is fully rechargeable, you never have to worry about running out.

Although this treatment can work in conjunction with other acne controls, it is quite effective on individuals with mild to moderate acne without needing any additional topical or oral treatment plans.

How it Works

Instead of working like a laser, the Clearing Device has a special tip that heats to within a specific range of temperatures. Unlike lasers, you do not need to be a professional in order to use the clearing device and you cannot injure yourself as you potentially could by using a pocket laser.

When the tip is heated, apply the tip to a blemish or an area where a blemish is starting to form. The tip transforms the heat directly to the pore and is quite effective in completely clearing up the blemish within a short period of time.

Acne Zeno Involves a Series of Steps

The Clearing Device requires you follow a specific series of steps when working to fight blemishes. Effectively killing approximately 90 percent of bacteria found on the skin’s surface that works to infect clogged pores, which is the direct cause of pimples and other blemishes.

Once the tip heats up and is applied to the blemished area, it should remain in place for two to two and one-half minutes. This treatment should be repeated at least two to four times, ensuring each treatment is at least one hour apart. If the blemish is treated in the first four to 12 hours from the first sign of development, the blemish is completely cleared up and the risk for potential scarring in zero.

Cost: Is it Worth It?

Although the Acne Zeno Clearing Device is more expensive than other forms of treatment and sells for around $225. Keep in mind that the device is rechargeable and will not need replacing. For this reason, you can easily save by not having to purchase replacement soaps, toners, lotions, and other medications when they run out.

Furthermore, you can reduce the number of visits to your dermatologist, since the clearing device can immediately take care of any blemishes. The device can be found through a variety of online outlets and does not need a prescription for purchase.

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