Treating Adult Acne on Chin

Adult acne on chin is something many adults currently find themselves battling and looking for treatment options.

Adult Acne on Chin and "T" Zone

The chin is greatly susceptible to adult acne, just as it is to teenage acne, as it lies within the “t” zone frequently associated with the appearance of skin blemishes. This zone includes the forehead, nose, and chin and is often riddled with blackheads and whiteheads due to the pores in the area.

If you are experiencing problems with acne on your chin, work immediately to clear up your skin and solve your dermatological problems instead of ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away.

The best way to control adult chin acne is to seek the advice of your local dermatologist. This professional will be able to inform you of the best steps that you can take to turn your skin problems around and begin to enjoy clear and smooth skin.

Identify Your Skin Type

Additionally, your dermatologist will be able to tell you what type of skin you have—oily, dry, combination, or sensitive.

Keep in mind that your skin can change types from your teenage years, so even though certain acne fighting products worked then, that does not necessarily mean the same products will work now. If necessary, your dermatologist can prescribe you oral or topical medication to control your acne problem.

If you only are dealing with adult acne on chin and not on any other part of your face or body, the best probable course of action will be a topical ointment or lotion. In addition to keeping your skin clean, this medication cream should be applied to the affected area on a regular basis to control your acne problem.

This cream may be available for purchase over the counter in your drug store’s skin care aisle or from a reputable dealer on the World Wide Web. If you have a more serious case of acne or need a stronger version of this medication, your dermatologist will prescribe you with a medication that will serve your needs.

External factors can create chin acne

Many individuals who have problems with adult acne on chin only often find the root of their problem is something that is external.

If you wear sporting equipment or other gear that uses a chin strap, this may likely be your problem. Often, sports participants who use helmets with chin straps find that the irritation caused by the strap combined with the moisture and bacteria that become trapped between the skin and the trap are the root cause of the acne outbreak.

If you are in this situation, change the type of chin strap you wear and be sure to wash your face immediately after wearing the strap to remove the bacteria. Also, consider wearing a protective layer of cloth between the strap and your skin to prevent irritation and chafing.

Whatever methods you use to clear up the adult acne on skin, do so today. Acne is not cause by poor hygiene and many adults—up to 25 percent—are affected by some form of adult acne.

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