Secrets to Finding the Best Acne Products


I'm Yvette Chau. For years I suffered from severe cystnic acne that ruled my life and ruined my confidence for almost 20 years. I felt every action I took and every decision I made was affected by this force that seemed completely out of my control.

Perhaps you can relate to this.

What would you think if I said there's an acne treatment system that's

  • FAST

If you've spent years trying and failing with various so-called acne “cures,” you've probably heard those words before and ended up disappointed. This time it's different. This is the system you've been searching for. I know, because I'm living proof that it works.

The Big LIE: Why Most People Fail to Control Acne (And How You Can Be Different)

When acne starts affecting your life, it really is easy to slip into a feeling of hopelessness. You start following all sorts of crazy advice from people who claim to know. You start believing your acne must be your own fault, the result of something you're doing or eating.

In other words, you start blaming yourself – yet nothing you try works.

I'm about to let you in on the shocking truth...

Chances are, 99% of everything you think you know about acne is COMPLETELY WRONG.


Partly because of the deliberate lies in marketing for many major skin care products. And partly because of the misinformation spread by self-proclaimed “experts” online who really have no idea what they're talking about.

These lies and misinformation are what keep you in the dark about the REAL, SIMPLE, AND CHEAP way to get your acne under control.

Yes, that's what I'm saying: There's an effective method virtually anyone can use to reduce their acne dramatically in a matter of weeks.

The Breakthrough System That Will Transform Your Appearance (and Your Confidence)

It doesn't cost a fortune, it's not painful, and it doesn't require an advanced chemistry degree to understand! In fact you can go down to a local drug store and start your regime TODAY knowing that you'll soon be looking at remarkably clearer skin in the mirror.

This little-known formula was taught to me by a down-to-earth South American beauty therapist. I'm now passing on her secrets to you in the form of this new ebook: Over the Counter Acne Treatment Secrets.

“But I've Tried That Already...” (Nope, You Haven't Tried THIS)

I can guess what you're probably thinking already... “I've tried TONS of over-the-counter products. They don't make a difference. They're a waste of money.”

No doubt – you've tried all sorts of products (usually marketed as the NEW HOT THING and the solution to all yours worries) only to be disappointed again and again. You might as well have flushed your money down the drain because the results you got from those “miracle products” were zilch.

Believe me, I've been down that road. It sucks. I know.

But here's the truth about over-the-counter products: They're only a waste if you use products with the WRONG INGREDIENTS at the WRONG TIMES in the WRONG QUANTITIES. This ebook will explain exactly which ingredients to look for and how to use them in powerful combinations that will help you eliminate up to 75% of your acne in a matter of weeks.

You'll learn:

  • how to identify over-the-counter products which contain the active ingredients that REALLY make a difference to your skin
  • how to avoid the frustration of using products that contain useless ingredients which won't produce results
  • how to combine different key ingredients and products in just the right mix to turbocharge your results, giving you clearer skin faster than you thought possible

This book will help you DECODE the information on over-the-counter acne product packaging so you know exactly what each product will do and how to use it in combination with other products.

This is information you MUST know if you want to conquer acne for good. The number one reason acne sufferers don't get the results they want is that they don't understand these crucial concepts.

When you find out how simple it is to beat acne you'll be kicking yourself for not finding this ebook sooner!

Your New Lease on Life: Facing the World with Confidence

Just think about what getting your acne under control would really mean:

  • you'll be bursting with confidence and self-esteem
  • feel confident going after the romantic relationships you really want and deserve
  • no more putting up with hurtful or just plain ignorant comments about acne
  • you'll feel a greater sense of control over your life
  • experience the freedom of trying new experiences that you've avoided due to acne shyness
  • no more relying on heavy make-up just to leave the house
  • stop settling for “second best” (or dead last) in life

My ebook reveals key secrets from “behind the scenes” in the world of acne treatment:

  • an in-depth explanation how pimples really form
  • why most acne sufferers never get great results from over-the-counter products (surprise: it's often NOT the products that are the problem!)
  • a little-known skin care system that will turbocharge the effects of the products you use
  • the truth behind every major over-the-counter acne product ingredient, including benzoyl peroxide
  • how different ingredients affect different skin types
  • a clear and accurate explain of what the term “pH” really means in skin care (99% percent of people don't know this and it can make or break your results!)
  • a comprehensive list of over-the-counter products according to their ingredient types and concentrations
  • clear, simple explanations of the real purpose of every major acne-fighting ingredient, clearing up the confusion for good
  • my own step-by-step, foolproof acne treatment methods for minor, moderate and severe acne

Cracking Industry Secrets Wide Open (And Saving Your THOUSANDS In the Process...)

I've personally put hundreds of hours into studying the findings of the world's top dermatologists to learn exactly what products and ingredients work best. I've condensed all that information into this straightforward ebook. Now you don't have to hand over thousands of dollars to a dermatologist – I'm going to give you the simple solutions in this book!

Like most aspects of the skin care industry, the acne product industry is fueled by ignorance. The less you know about how acne forms and how to get rid of it, the easier it is for big companies to sell you nonsense.

This is more than just an ebook. It's your weapon against big acne “solution” sellers who will happily take your money without giving you results.

Acne is painful, physically and emotionally. It can be depressing to think that big companies are exploiting that pain to get your money – but unfortunately that's exactly what some manufacturers do.

This ebook separates the truth from the lies. With the information it contains, you'll know exactly what products and ingredients to look for based on your skin type and the severity of your acne.

Break Free Today and Give Yourself the Gift of an Acne-Free Future

Are you ready to take control of your future?

The choice is yours. It's a choice between a future full of confidence and new experiences... or a future full of the same old crippling shyness uncontrollable acne brings to our lives.

You've lived like that for years already... do you really want to keeping living that that for the rest of your life?

Let me help you take control of your life the way I took control of mine.

Seize the opportunity that's in front of you now and take the first step. The solution to your acne problems is a few mouse clicks and an instant download away.

Order Over the Counter Acne Treatment Secrets now and look forward to a life of clearer skin, greater confidence and brighter opportunities!

My Guarantee to You

I know this system works. I know because I went through years of difficult, painful experiments with acne solutions before I uncovered the simple secrets that led me to permanently clearer skin.

Because I'm so confident the information in this book can change your life and rebuild your confidence for good, I'm offering a 60 day money back guarantee.

You can buy today, use the information in the ebook for a full 60 days – and if you're not happy with the results, you can have your money back. No questions asked.


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