Exposed Acne Treatment System: Worth The Price?

Consider the Exposed Acne Treatment System among some known acne treatment systems for your needs, allowing you to skip the product packed shelves in drug stores and the endless television advertisements.

By skipping over all of these products, you will save a great deal of time and money, since you will not have to test a wide variety of products. Much like similar treatment programs, Exposed is actually a series of products that work together in order to heal, protect, and rejuvenate skin.

Also like other treatment programs, the Exposed system comes with a hefty price tag, often causing many individuals to wonder if the system is worth the cost.

The Goal of the Exposed Acne Treatment System

The Exposed system was developed by a series of dermatologists and scientists who worked together to find the best mix of cleaners, toners, and lotions that will most likely benefit your skin and fight acne.

The main goal of the system is to create healthy skin, (see acne product reviews) not clear up acne on the principle that healthy skin is clear skin. In addition to clearing up breakouts quicker, the system works to prevent future breakouts, and help minimize the risk of scarring due to the appearance of acne.

Additionally, the Exposed system works to maintain your skin’s health, keep it looking fresh, and preventing wrinkles in the future.

Exposed is Economical

Much like similar popular acne treatment systems with the usual debate being AcneFree vs. ProActiv, Exposed Acne Treatment System is also on a monthly installment program.

It tends to be the most economically minded of the three, which opens the door to many individuals who would otherwise not be willing to spend the cash on the other two systems.

That being said, the Exposed system is still expensive, and averages around $50 for their five step acne care program or $60 for their six step acne care program. Both of these costs are on a monthly basis. Also, each individual aspect of the programs can be purchased individually for between $10 and $25 apiece. These prices are discounted for individuals who agree to take out a yearly subscription to the Exposed Acne Treatment System.

Zenmed as an Alternative

You may want to look at another competitor: ZenMed’s Derma Cleanse Acne System. This system works by using botanical items to clear up acne.

Consisting of a botanical cleanser, topical acne gel, and herbal formulation, this three-step system contains fewer products than the five or six step programs of the Exposed System, and tends to be less expensive.

Individuals interested in maintaining a natural approach to clearing up their acne may be interested in using ZenMed’s Derma Cleanse Acne System since herbs and natural botanicals are used for their healing properties.

However, keep in mind that all systems are made in a laboratory setting, so the only way to get completely natural items is to use completely natural products. That being said, completely natural products will probably not have the strength necessary to clear up your acne blemishes, so the will be a sacrifice either way.

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