The Acne Prevention Tip List for Healthy Skin

Common Sense Acne Prevention Skin Care

This acne prevention tip list below is meant to help you maintain your skin. Here are some practical, common sense tips that you will find valuable.

Prevention Tip #1: Don’t Touch!

This acne prevention tip by itself will already get you halfway there to avoiding skin damage.

Let’s face it. Picking, squeezing, scratching, digging, and popping zits is irresistible. (Sometimes even fun if it’s a juicy pus-filled whitehead). But performing acne surgery with your own fingers is going to lead to infection or permanent scars.

This is nothing but common sense and likely you’ve heard it before. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. Doing it yourself is the wrong way.

If you have the budget, go to a good esthetician for blackhead removal and other impurities on a regular basis without damaging your skin.

Otherwise, resist the urge to touch your face at all. I know! It’s hard! A compulsive-picker myself, I used to wear gloves because I had such a bad habit of doing this. The best thing to do, I find, is keep yourself incredibly busy, so you aren’t thinking of your face.

There is such a disease called acne dysmorphia, a mental disease paralleled with anorexia. Basically the individual becomes obsessed with clear complexion and may pick at his/her skin until it bleeds or becomes infected. This psychological illness is completely independent of breakouts and must be treated independently.

(Source: Acne Answers )

Prevention Tip #2: Wash only Twice a Day

Wash your face once in the morning and once at night. Despite how desperate you may feel about your skin, over-washing will only anger acne-prone areas. It can also stimulate more oil producing-glands.

Your time is better invested in researching effective treatments to rid acne.

Prevention Tip #3: Shave Carefully

Shave lightly and only when necessary. Find a razor that is comfortable for you, whether it’s electric or something else. If you use a safety razor, keep a sharp blade and soften your beard entirely with soap and water before putting on shaving cream.

Prevention Tip #4: Avoid harsh scrubs

Find a gentle cleanser or scrub (with small, smooth grains). Products with larger grains can irritate or even tear your skin.

I use a fantastic organic scrub for thicker skin which I buy from my esthetician. And I alternate it with a gentler cleanser B. Kamins botanical face cleanser for normal to oily and combination skin.

Prevention Tip #5: Sleep on clean pillows

Change your pillowcase every 2 days. I flip my pillow over every couple days and get 4 days out of them. Used towels and pillowcases accumulate bacteria and skin mites that contribute to breakouts. Keep your hair off your face when you sleep.

Prevention Tip #6: Use paper towels instead of face towels

Don’t use a face towel to dry your face. Instead, use a paper towel to pat your face dry, and then throw it out. If you use a facial cleanser, you don’t need a face towel. If you use a medicated soap, wash with your hands.

No matter how often you wash your face towel, it will accumulate dead skin and bacteria over time. You can never completely get rid of exfoliated skin cells. Furthermore, it’s too rough on the face.

Prevention Tip #7: Shower right after workouts

Sweat and oils from your skin can trap dirt and bacteria in your pores. Shower soon after your workout because damp skin will promote bacteria growth.

Prevention Tip #8: Remove makeup before sleeping

Always remove any makeup before you go to bed. It plugs pores. Regularly throw out old or contaminated makeup. Ensure your cosmetic brushes are clean, and wash them regularly in soapy water.

I use sponges for my foundation, blush, concealer, and sometimes eye shadow of which I throw away after each use. I also use throw-away eye shadow applicators.

Prevention Tip #9: Avoid too much sun

Some topical creams or medications make people’s skin more susceptible to the sun. Despite the belief that tans hide blemishes and are healthy for the skin, too much sun exposure will rapidly age the skin and lead to higher risk of developing skin cancer.

You’ve seen photos of older actors and actresses whose faces look haggard after years in the sun. They have fine lines and heavy wrinkles under the eyes, and they look way older than their actual age. It just isn’t pretty. Stay out of the sun.

Prevention Tip #10: Check out the 7 Step Acne Plan to rid acne

Read the 7 Step Acne Plan, a step-by-step guide that takes you through a systematic way to banish acne and get clear skin.

For an all natural way to get rid of acne, click here.

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