Rid Acne with the 7 Step Plan

How to Get Clear Skin with a Common Sense Plan

Everyone needs a plan to succeed in anything…even to rid acne. There is no overnight cure to acne .

Whether you've just begun your research on how to get clear skin, or you’ve already been through several treatments, this simple plan can help you at any stage.

The 7 Step Acne Plan is based on the habits of long-time acne sufferers who are now acne free, as well as on practical advice from dermatologists.

Let’s get started!

STEP 1: Understand the True Enemy. It Isn’t Acne!

Acne is a symptom of a problem. It is not the root.

There are different root causes resulting in varying types of acne. The first thing you need to do before you can know how to get clear skin is:

  1. Determine your type of acne.
  2. Understand your own body.

Some questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Do you have mild, moderate or severe acne?
  • How many years have you had it for?
  • How well do you take care of your skin? (cleansing routine or

    popping zits, etc.)

  • What is your acne treatment history?
  • Has the type of acne you’ve had changed in any way? Why?
  • Are you currently taking any prescriptions or medications for other conditions?
  • Is your lifestyle stressful or relaxed?
  • Do you get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet? Do you get exercise?
  • Where do you work and how clean is the environment?
  • What stage of life are you at? What is your age?
  • Does anyone else in your family have acne?
  • Are you pregnant?
  • What is your nationality? Click here for african american skin care.
Gathering information about yourself and learning about acne causes will better help you find the root cause of acne.

STEP 2: Do Your Research

Educate yourself. Knowledge is power. This is the information age, and learning how to get clear skin is easily within your grasp, especially by way of the Internet.

This website provides information on the different treatment avenues available to you to rid acne problems:

STEP 3: Assess Your List of Options

Assess your list of possible treatments to rid acne. Talk to the appropriate specialist of your choice and assess your list with their help.

Assess your comfort level with each treatment. Consider the possible side effects, benefits, time expected to work, money, other products, routine, and effort required.

Finally, choose the treatment you are most comfortable with. Now you’ve made a decision on what you want to try – either on your own or with the help of a specialist.

STEP 4: Design Your Experiment

Now it’s time to decide on your plan of action to rid acne for good. This is directed by your environment, your schedule, the amount of time and effort you are willing and able to put in, and he type of acne you have.

You need to determine an active ingredient (“variable”) to test while keeping the other conditions (“controls”) the same.

Decide on your controls and record them. What will you be keeping the same? Your cleanser? Your lotions? Your exercise routine? The application frequency of your acne treatment?

Decide on your exact regimen/routine. Introduce ONLY 1 variable at a time. Allow sufficient time for improvement before introducing another variable.

STEP 5: Keep a Journal or Skin Log

Keep a journal or diary. Keep a journal or diary.

Record what what worked, what didn’t, environmental or emotional factors, your diet, your skin-cleansing routine, and lifestyle habits and any changes that may have occurred (positive or negative).

Make it fun! And enlist support. Have someone take pictures of you once a week. Make it a habit to record your daily lifestyle and acne condition so you can pinpoint any correlations or trends.

See Accutane Journal

STEP 6: Monitor Your Regimen!

Monitor your progress and change it if you see it’s not working. Trial and error is important! Make note of the main active ingredients that your skin reacts to.

Know the time it takes for results to show. Make sure you find out an expected time frame your treatment should work within for your type of acne. Every treatment is different. Some treatments, like topical retinoids, work so slowly you don’t even notice the difference until after about 3 months.

Why is failure valuable? It is only by failure that you can begin the process of elimination.

STEP 7: Stick with Your Strategy!

Acne is an ongoing battle. If you have moderate to severe acne, do NOT expect to rid acne overnight or even see a change within 1 week. Just like science, answers on how to get clear skin can only be found by trial and error. And the more consistent your method, the faster and easier it will be to find your treatment to rid acne.

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