Finding The Best Acne Face Wash

When it comes to treating acne by using the best acne face wash for your type of skin, a quick trip to your local drug store or department store beauty counter can produce numerous options, making the search for the best face wash difficult.

Furthermore, by turning on your television, you will find a bevy of products advertised by celebrities and scientists alike. When it comes to finding the best face wash, your best bet is to read user reviews, compare ingredients, and learn as much as you can about the specific washes.

Which one of these is the best acne face wash for you?

Consider these popular face washes that are flying off shelves:

ProActiv Soulutions: The ProActiv Solutions face wash is part of the complete system that also includes a toner and a lotion. Touted by numerous celebrities, ProActiv Solutions is by far considered the best acne face wash on the market today.

This system works by first cleaning the skin, then using a toner to shrink pores and remove any excess dirt, then applying a lotion to keep the skin healthy, supple, and smooth.

However, keep in mind that it may not be appropriate for all types of skin, especially those individuals that have especially dry or sensitive skin, so be sure to speak with a dermatologist before you decide to begin the ProActiv regimen. Clear Skin Regimen: Similar to the ProActiv Solutions,

Clear Skin Regimen is also touted as the best acne face wash by the regimen’s dedicated users.

Like the Like the ProActiv Solutions, Clear Skin Regimen is a multi-step program that includes a diligent face wash to remove makeup, dirt, excess oil, and any pollutants that are commonly found in the air.

This step is critical for anyone who does a lot of exercise or wears makeup, since sweat, oils, and cosmetics are known for clogging pores and causing blemishes and breakouts to occur.

Cetaphil: One of the fastest selling brands of best acne medication available in your local drugstore is Cetaphil.

Great for individuals with all types of skin, Cetaphil is extra gentle and baby soft, so that those users with sensitive skin are not left out in the cold.

However, due to its extremely gentle qualities, Cetaphil is generally not strong enough to remove some types of makeup, especially eye makeup that may be waterproof. For this reason, it may be necessary to find a cleaner that is especially for hard to remove eye makeup, then finish the cleaning process by using a Cetaphil wash.

Lancome Clarifiance Oil-Free Gel Cleanser: Just like the name would suggest, this department store staple is considered expensive, but one of the best acne face wash.

Before you get sticker shock, consider consulting a professional to determine in this wash will work well for your skin. Typically, the Lancome Clarifiance Oil-Free Gel Cleanser works best with individuals who have oily skin, since the cleanser works overtime to remove excess oils before they can start breakouts.

Home Remedies: Some of the best acne cleanser can be found in your kitchen. Turn to old fashioned oatmeal mixed with water to make a first class exfoliate mixture or consider making a facial masque using yoghurt.

Lemon juice or vinegar is great for applying to blemishes, since the acids work to withdraw the toxins. For a great cleanser, use baking soda mixed with water. In addition to keeping your skin clean, the mixture serves as a mild exfoliate.

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