Proactiv Skin Care

Today, try to turn on the television without seeing a celebrity hocking the Proactiv skin care system. Everyone from Jessica Simpson to Sean “Diddy” Combs to Vanessa Williams has their hand is delivering their stories about the effects of the skin care line on their appearances.

In addition to celebrities, Proactiv skin care products have a tremendous following by dermatologists all over the country. Although this system does not require a prescription, patients are referred this program on a regular basis by dermatologists practicing all over the world.

How the Proactiv Skin Care System Works

The Proactiv system began life as an idea of two dermatologists. This system works to first tackle the acne at the source.

1. Cleanser

The cleanser works to exfoliate the dead skin cells while cleaning out the pores and eliminating bacteria. Although oils and dead skin cells originally clog pores, bacteria wrecks havoc by starting an infection. This infection generally results in the form of zits, which leave the pores pus filled, red, swollen, and sore. By eliminating bacteria from the skin’s surface, zits are unable to form and create a hassle.

2. Toner

Once the cleanser has been applied, the next step in the Proactiv system is a toner. Typically, toners can be harsh and difficult for users with sensitive skin. However, the Proactiv toner is made from botanical ingredients and tends to be gentler than other offerings.

This toner works to shrink pores, as smaller pores are more difficult to become clogged with debris and oil. Also, the toner works to remove makeup, lotions, or anything else that was left on the skin and can potentially block pores or cause breakouts.

3. Proactiv lotion

The third and final step in the Proactive process is a lotion. Usually, washes and toners leave the skin dry, so this lightweight, non-greasy lotion is perfect for allowing your skin to recover from the treatment process. Also, this lotion works to alleviate future breakouts by soothing the skin. If the skin remains nourished and youthful, filling in fine lines and wrinkles before they even are noticeable.

Proactive Skin Care Competitors

Proactive certainly is not the only acne product on the market, and there are many competitors on the market. For starters, Proactiv is a pricey system and many users find themselves unable to justify the rather exorbitant costs of using the system on a daily basis.

The system’s competitors include AcneFree, which mimics the steps and the results for a much more reasonable price. Regarding which products works best, AcneFree vs. Proactive, your dermatologist will be best able to inform you of the differences in each of these products.

Proactiv might be for you

It is no small wonder why Proactive is such a popular acne-fighting agent. Whether you are a teenager or a mature adult experiencing a bought of adult acne, this program works well for everyone and—albeit expensive—has a fantastic rate of success.

That in mind, if you are interested in purchasing this system, be sure to speak with your dermatologist about his or her preferences to the system regarding your specific skin type and acne fighting needs.

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