Body Image and Self Esteem – Don’t Let Acne Determine Your Self Worth

There is a direct line that connects body image and self esteem. Often times, self esteem is something that acne sufferers struggle with. That’s why I felt it was important to include this topic on my site. Think of self esteem as a companion that can make or break anything in life. When going on a job interview, low self esteem works as a saboteur and can wreck your chances of landing a dream job.

When taking a test, low confidence can cause self doubt and may be the root of your failing grade. Remember the old adage, “you look good, you feel good?” This is especially true in dealing with self esteem.
Individuals who have a poor body image will in turn have a low self esteem. Body image can be any physical aspect of your appearance that you are dissatisfied with.

Whether it is acne and scars, height, weight, figure, looks – body image is something that affects both men and women.
Although the problem of low body image is generally associated with women, more and more men are developing issues in this body conscious world. Physical attributes, including your height, weight, and looks can greatly affect your body image.
Individuals with acne or other skin conditions often struggle with having a low body image that directly affects their self esteem.

I can remember, better than anyone else, my own struggles with acne, and worrying that people thought I was ugly. For this reason, I would never go swimming because my makeup would wash away, and restricted myself from participating in many activities. I became a woman with low self esteem.

If this is a problem with yourself or your child, work diligently to break this vicious cycle. Click here to learn about teen self esteem and acne.

Although it may seem cliché, beauty does indeed come from within.

Ever notice how some individuals are beautiful or handsome upon first glance, while others are “attractive”?
Those “attractive” individuals may not necessarily be good looking, but they recognize their self worth. And this is where their personalities are free to shine. They have a high body image and self esteem because they know they are valuable.

This does not mean you have to make yourself think you are the best looking person to walk the earth, or have an ego the size of the Goodyear blimp, it simply means that you are satisfied with what God gave you.
Know your faults and embrace them. Everyone has something that they do not like, even movie stars and models.

Take Steps to Treat Your Acne

If your acne condition is having an impact on your self worth, take steps immediately to get it under control.

Many acne sufferers are afraid to take any action to treat their condition because they want to wait until their skin gets better before revealing their skin condition to anyone.

This could be one of the biggest time wasters of your life. Get help first and do what you can to treat your acne.

Change Your Perceptions of Yourself

If you feel your body image and self esteem starting to falter, work to change your perceptions, and self esteem improvement will follow.

Just because you don’t look like a super model or athlete doesn’t mean you should crawl under a rock to live out the rest of your life. Make changes as you see fit and allow yourself wiggle room.

Discover Deepness in Relationships by Helping Others

Instead of worrying about changing your physical features, work to change your views on beauty.

Get involved in the community. Discover grace, kindness, and adventure in helping others, whatever your God-given talent may be.

I promise you, once you’ve given your attention to the deeper matters in life, body image and self esteem will come naturally.

Recognize the Relationship Between Body Image and Self Worth

Recognize the relationship between body image and self esteem immediately. Do not allow yourself to undermine your goals, hopes, and dreams simply because you do not fit into a category that someone else has defined. Keep in mind that magazines, movies, and television use tricks and technology that further enhance appearances.

Apply Sexy Make Up
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