Self Esteem Improvement and Acne

Five Steps to Conquering Self Doubt

Self esteem improvement is very common, especially among those suffering from acne.

What you should know, is that individuals of all ages and physical appearances, are susceptible to low self esteem. But the problem tends to affect women and young girls more than men.

Most experts agree that a low self image directly impacts the level of one’s self esteem. Low self esteem can unnecessarily damage everything from one’s career to one’s personal life. So take the steps today and learn to recognize your value as an amazing individual.

As a fellow acne sufferer, I used to be extremely sensitive to comments regarding my appearance. I had incredibly low self esteem as a teenager, and even into my university years and early career days.

Placing emphasis on my outer appearance really hindered me from socializing and having a full life. Many times when I look back, I realize that my closest friends didn't even care about my appearance. They loved me for who I was.

If you are like I once was – struggling with how you feel about your physical appearance, and suffering from low self esteem, consider the following four tips.

Step #One: Accentuate the Positive.

Many experts believe one of the best ways to begin on the road to self esteem improvement is to make a list of your positive attributes. These can range from everything to physical looks, emotional abilities, athletic skill, goal achievement, and anything in between.

Ask good friends and family members around you to add to this list if you are having problems identifying positives about yourself. Keep in mind that there is a difference between having an appropriate level of self esteem and bragging, but be willing to pat yourself on the back for your achievements.

Step #Two: Separate Yourself from Naysayers.

If you are surrounded by individuals who are a negative influence in your life, make steps to notify them of their attitude or, if necessary, separate yourself from them. Think of negativity like a disease that can directly impact your self esteem.

If you are around others with low self esteem, then you are likely to develop their self loathing habits and ruin your self esteem improvement.

Furthermore, if you are around individuals who constantly make you feel inferior, then this can tremendously damage your self esteem. Bring the matter up with the person in question and tell them of your concern. Recognize your own value and that it does not come from others.

Although it may be difficult, you may need to separate yourself from these individuals in order to recover your self esteem.

Step #Three: Set a Goal and Achieve it

There are few things that can make your self esteem improvement take off like accomplishing a goal. No matter how small or how large, checking goal off a list can make you feel like a million bucks. Make a list of long term and short term goals today and begin working towards them.

If you are working on a long term goal, set several short term goals that coordinate with it. For example, if your long term goal is to finish your degree, set short term goals each month that have to do with enrolling in classes, successfully completing an examination, or passing a crucial course.

Step # Four: Work with a Friend.

Just as with all other forms of improvement, working with a friend towards your goal of self esteem improvement is a great way to keep yourself on track.

Similar to a work out buddy, a self esteem pal can keep you motivated and provide the praise you need to make the difference.

Instead of allowing you to give up and wallow in self-pity, a self esteem buddy can keep your spirits and your self esteem sky high.

Step #Five: Help Others

The greatest self esteem improvement tip? Learning to put others before yourself. There is no better reward than offering help to someone who needs it. Whether it is providing financial, physical, or emotional support to them.

By giving to your community or favorite organization, you will be lifting your mind to more important things than the material world. In the process, you’ll be working on your inner beauty. It won’t take long before others notice it – trust me!

So many people waste their lives over appearance when so much of that effort could be used in a better way to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

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