Natural Cures for Acne

Natural Cures for Acne that are Permanent

Natural cures for acne exist. I am living proof of that.

An acne sufferer for 20 years, I’ve been able to eliminate cystic acne naturally.

After trying just about every “treatment” out there, I finally turned to holistic methods clear my skin for the long-term. Believe me, if I could do this, anyone can. But it does require a change in thinking.

Why should you explore natural treatments for acne?

  • Over-the-counter medications only treat the symptoms, not the cause.
  • Prescriptions and medications often fail and can have awful side effects.
  • Acne rebounds from medications can be worse.
  • Natural ingredients are not as harsh on the body.
  • Natural methods can be more affordable (though not always).

Acne results from an imbalance in the body.

If you can find out what’s wrong with your body (source), you can eliminate your acne (cure).

Therefore, a holistic approach is important.

There are major elements that work together as natural cures for acne:

  • Cleansing your body from junk
  • Detoxifying your body
  • Replenishing of vital nutrients through proper diet
  • Proper caring for your skin, the natural way
  • Exercise and sleep

Take good care of your body and you can improve your acne condition.

“The truth is that the body has an amazing natural ability to cleanse and heal itself. Our task is to allow this to happen, but not through external and rather temporary methods that only mask the symptoms.”

This excerpt is taken from the book Acne No More, by far the best book I’ve read on natural cures for acne.

Acne No More presents the only holistic acne system in existence that teaches you how to cure your acne, end breakouts and rebalance you body. A recommended read! Find out more.

If you are new to holistic cures or just aren’t sure how to create a clear skin detox program for yourself, this book leads you through a detailed step-by-step program to follow for clear skin.

It is a bit lengthy however (about 250 pages), and can seem overwhelming as it is packed with information. If you can get past the length, I would highly recommend this read.

Also, it does NOT present any quick fixes.

You will need to commit to 6 to 8 weeks of specific food diets and natural supplements and teas before you see success.

The author, a former acne sufferer, explains that your body tells you when something is wrong.

You can learn to read the signs.

Acne can be a symptom of your body not receiving enough nutrients, vitamins, minerals or liquids . Or you could have certain sensitivities to various foods. Or perhaps your body is dirty and needs a good cleaning.

For instance, yellow skin is an outward sign of liver infection. Hives can be an external symptom of allergies (internal).

It stands to reason that acne can be an outward sign of some inward distress in the body.

Unfortunately, most people take better care of their car than their body.

In our modern day times of fast foods, quick transportation, and emotional stress, we neglect proper diet, exercise, and quiet time.

As a result, our bodies don’t get enough vitamins, minerals, or enzymes to allow it to maximize its functioning.

Our sedentary lifestyles set us on the road to internal diseases, and stress raises our heart rate and produces more acne-aggravating hormones.

Therefore, the most effective natural acne cures will involve your whole body, and even lifestyle.

There's a lot to know about natural cures for acne, diet, and lifestyle changes for healthy skin!

Follow the system set out in this e-book and you can't go wrong.

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