Acne and over weight...Could it be due to climate change?

by Hemesha

Hi my name's Hemesha...I'm 20 years,I'm South African Indian(not that it matters) and I've recently moved to the U.S.A. Well I was 19 when I moved and very much in shape. I didn't have the perfect skin, but compared to what it is now gosh it was close to perfect!

So ever since I moved I've seen a change in myself, I've put on like 10kg. My skin is blotchy...I have stretch marks all over my body like I've been pregnant with 10 kids all at once...and of course I live in California now so I want to paint the town red. How on earth can I...? I'm in a state where the sun is shining everyday but I can't go to the beach. WHY? Because I don't own a bikini. WHY? Because I'm too fat!! I have cellulite protruding..I have terrible skin from my face to my feet!

I've been terribly scared to take any dieting pills...! I've tried Pro active for my skin and it resulted to my skin peeling which made me even more uncomfortable than I already am...

I'm seriously running out of options! I can't skype with my family because some of them dont even recognize me!

What should I use? Or what can I do? Something that is safe.

Yvette's reply: Hemesha, thanks for being so brave and for sharing so personally. Just so you know there are many people suffering from the same condition as you.

Acne is a symptom. It's your body's way of telling you something is wrong. Sometimes there's more than one cause, and in your situation, I believe this is so.

Regarding climate: pollution, dryness or humidity, more exposure to the sun, or other environmental changes can certainly affect your skin condition. Is your skin more oily now? Dry? Sensitive? You need to determine this.

As for being overweight, this may not directly cause acne. However, it's an indication of an improper or poor diet. And poor nutrition can definitely lead to acne.

I would suggest reviewing your diet first. Focus on healthy and nutritional foods balanced with the proper amount of exercise. As for facial products, since you are concerned with safety, I would recommend organic skin care products.

There is a lot of effort required in eliminating acne, unfortunately, but the end result is worth it! By taking a whole body approach, many acne survivers are rewarded with better health, greater confidence, and of course, clear skin!

Good luck, you can do it!

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Sep 11, 2011
Bad skin Since moving to U.K
by: Claire

I'm a white 30 year old Female South African and I moved to the U.K beginning of 2011 end of 2010. I used to have good skin but since I've moved here my skin has gone hay wire... I have changed my facial products but I think it could be the climate more than the products because Johannesburg in South Africa is very hot and dry and the U.K is very humid and cold weather.... I'm hoping that after some time my skin will adjust and come right on its own? Am I right in saying my skin is bad because of the climate and should I just give it some time to adjust?

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