Get Rid of Acne Scars

Different scar treatments for different acne scars

How to get rid of acne scars

Since everyone is different, some people get rid of acne scars faster than others. Some individuals get red ugly pimples that never leave a trace when they go away, and others will scar simply from one little blackhead.

Reaching beneath the surface

The time it takes for removing acne scar tissue will depend on how deep your scars are. That is, which layer of skin they reach down into.

Your skin is composed of three layers. The first or top layer is the epidermis. The next layer is the dermis. The dermis has a network of protein strands that are weaved together. These protein strands are collagen or elastin that make the skin tight. The last or deepest layer is the sub cutis which is a fatty layer.

How you get acne scars

When acne develops, the inflammation destroys some of the dermis. These are the collagen threads or the middle layer of skin. The collagen could grow back, grow back only partially, or not grow back at all. This determines the type of scarring you may get and method of acne scar treatment you’ll need to get rid of acne scars.

Types of acne scars

  • Hypertrophic scars
  • - raised scars when too much collagen is produced in response to the damaged collagen layer.
  • Atrophic scars
  • - sunken scars as a result of collagen unable to grow back fully or grow back at all to its original state. These scars can range in size and shape. They can be shallow and round, or deep and tiny like ice-pick marks, or they can be broad, deep pits reaching all the way to the bottom layer of skin.

It can be difficult to get rid of acne scars completely unless they are very minor. It’s much easier to try and reduce the appearance of deep scarring rather than removing acne scar tissue altogether. The most common acne scar treatment used is “resurfacing.” This includes such methods as laser treatment, dermabrasion or chemical peels. Find out about treatment for deep acne scars Make up for Acne Scars

If, at the same time, you wish to cover your scars, make sure you find the right type of concealer or coverage for your skin. For more information on acne scar coverage, check out the page on make up for acne scars. Types of Acne Scar Treatment


Dermabrasion has been around for quite some time, but has given way to newer techniques to get rid of acne scars. This involves a rotating metal wheel for removing acne scar tissue and skin layers. It is quite a bloody process and has results that are similar to laser resurfacing. It is used to reduce ice-pick scars.

The dermabrasion cost for removing scars can amount to about $1,500 per treatment. Subsequent treatments are necessary if you continue to get acne.


Microdermabrasion is good for sloughing off the top layer of skin, and is helpful to get rid of acne scars that are more superficial or minor. Studies show that there is significant improvement in skin tissue with this treatment over time.

I used to have this acne scar treatment done by my esthetician, and always had comments on how my skin glowed later in the evening. It is usually done in combination with topical creams to help the healing process along.

Usually microdermabrasion is done by using a sea salt gun which sprays salt on your face at different speeds to exfoliate the skin and increase circulation. It doesn’t hurt at all, but you have to make sure you keep your eyes closed at all times.

Chemical Peels

These can be performed on the face if the skin is fairly thick. Chemical peels work by removing acne scar tissue with a chemical application. This allows newer skin grow and rise up from beneath. These peels can also improve the texture of the skin and help coloring be evened out on the face.

The cost can be around $750 for each treatment. Some home treatment kits are now available at a lesser cost.

The most typical chemical used is called trichloroacetic acid (TCA). Some names that are known are Obagi Blue Peel or Accupeel.

Learn more about facial chemical peels here.


For larger scars where the scar is depressed, there are threads of collagen binding this area of the skin down. Doctors can use a needle to cut these strands under the scar and allow the tissue to rise up like before.

More than one of this acne scar treatment is usually necessary, and there is a lot of bruising and lengthy healing that occurs. Sometimes it doesn’t always work.

Punch Grafting

Punch grafting is normally used to get rid of acne scar that resemble ice-pick holes. The scar is punched out with an instrument like an apple corer which leaves a hole behind. Then the hole is closed with a suture or filled in with skin taken from behind the ear.

Each punch costs about $50. So if you have a lot of ice-pick scars, this can really add up.

Laser Resurfacing

This method to get rid of acne scars is today’s most common resurfacing procedure. A high-energy light is used to burn away damaged skin. In particular it removes the top layer of damaged skin, and tightens the middle layer.

This procedure for removing acne scar tissue will take less than an hour and doesn’t hurt since your skin gets local anesthesia. It can take 3 to 10 days for complete healing.

The treatment is repeated, and each treatment costs around $3,000.

Acne Scar CO2 laser treatment produces signifant results for facial acne scars, but takes about 18 months to show.

Collagen Injections

Collagen is injected beneath the skin with collagen or fat from another part of your body. The cost ranges from $300 to $700 for each cubic centimeter of collagen. This correction never lasts and has to be repeated often.

There are different types of injections. Make sure you know where you’re getting for the collagen filling.

  • Animal-Derived Collagen Injections
  • This is popular and cost-effective (around $150 a piece to start). Zyderm is one formula name for shallow scars.Zyplast is for deeper scars. There is potential for an allergic reaction, and skin tests need to be performed.

  • Human Collagen Injections
  • These injections for removing acne scar depressions are less likely to cause allergic reactions. It involves human tissue, and it’s less practical since you likely won’t have surgery for minor imperfections.

  • Facia Injections
  • These injections to get rid of acne scars come from cadavers. Not proven to be useful and not recommended since you may not know where they come from.

    <Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

    A lab-engineered product that lasts longer than collagen, this is becoming more popular. One draw-back is that it can cause the overlying skin to turn blue.

  • Autologous Fat
  • This is fat taken from liposuction and isn’t recommended because it is not the best material for acne scars.

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