Acne is not improving

by Sami

Going into seventh grade I started to break out and so did my best friend so I did not feel alone. Meanwhile, I went to the doctor, got meds..great. Waited a couple months, wasn't doing much but wasn't as aggravated.

8th grade came around and still acne.

I have recently broke out badly and I seriously don't understand what I did wrong?!?! It's so frustratingggg!

So my dermatologist told me 4 to 5 months
its been two years.

Yvette's reply: It isn't anything you did wrong. Don't lose hope. At this time during the teen years, your body is going through many hormonal changes. Most likely androgen production, which triggers the sebaceous glands and leads to oilier skin. It is common and even typical that you are unresponsive to medication. I experienced the same thing as you when I was a teenager.

Here are a few tips: focus on eating healthy foods (green leafy vegetables). Try applying lemon juice to the affected areas morning and night, and drink hot water or rooibos tea (caffeine free) as often as possible. Avoid touching your skin as tempting as it may be.

There are also medications you could take to control the androgens, which your dermatologist should know about, but there is always the possibility your body will build up a tolerance for the medication, and you may require stronger doses later on.

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