Acne &scars

(Gobabis, Namibia)

I have oily skin and it seems to be causing severe acne and as a result of that I end up popping them and causing severe scars. I would like to know which home remedies I can use to clear my acne and scars fast and easily.

Yvette's reply: If you have oily skin (like me) you can try using lemon juice along some baking soda. For a facial scrub, mix honey with baking soda, white sugar, baking soda and lemon juice together. The lemon juice will fizz because of its reaction with the baking soda. Wait until it stops fizzing and apply to your face as a scrub a couple times a week.

To wash your face, try baking soda. To help eliminate whiteheads and blackheads, add a few crushed aspirin tablets to the baking soda and some water to make your cleanser. Do this twice a day.

For the acne treatment, you can apply lemon juice or lime juice. These fruits have citric acid that helps to exfoliate the skin while unsurfacing comedones. You can find my lemon juice remedy here. Lemon juice is also great for scars.

Since you have severe acne, cleaning the outside of your face may not be enough. Acne is a sign of imbalance in the body. So if you have severe acne, there is something wrong with your diet or hormonal balance. Look at your diet to see what kinds of foods you are eating. Focus on eating lots of fresh, green leafy veggies and fruits.

Stress also plays a factor in acne. When I am stressed I get cystic acne. Ensure you are able to deal with stress or that you can remove it through a physical outlet like exercise or spiritual outlet like prayer and meditation.

Also, keep your hands away from your face. It's tempting, but the more you touch your face, the more the acne bacteria will spread.

If you want to know how to deal with your severe acne holistically, I recommend the Acne No More ebook here, which is a completely natural system to eliminate your acne for the long-run.

Remember that it's all about balance and figuring out the root problem. If you intend to eliminate acne naturally, it will take time and work. But this will pay off because you will have found the root cause of your acne, and your body will be healthier. Good luck!

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