Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid what's the difference?

I've been using Pacnex for a year and I can't afford buying it all the time.

I found something similar by DDF which contains Benzoyl peroxide.

I never used salicylic acid as a wash is it similar to BP. Thank you.

Yvette's Reply: Hi there, yes salicylic acid is quite different from benzoyl peroxide.

First of all, these ingredients should be used for different purposes. Salicylic acid is better for sloughing the skin cells and dislodging comedones over time. It's best used as a wash (not a treatment) to prepare the skin for any acne treatment.

BP, on the other hand, is best used as an acne treatment. It kills bacteria deep down in the skin. It is also harsher, and technically is actually a bleach. This is why some people with sensitive skin will opt to use salicylic acid if they only have the rare pimple.

BP is best used for people with moderate to severe acne. I would suggest you get a tube of BP at 2.5% as a treatment. But use a glycolic acid wash to prepare the skin first.

Hope this answers your question. There is a lot more to how the chemistries of these ingredients work, which can really help you if want to fight acne. All of this information is coming out in my ebook soon - so do watch for it to be posted on my site!

Best wishes, Yvette

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