Clean & Clear

by Jo

I used Clean&Clear's cleanser and exfoliator this past summer. I used the cleanser first, just to see if it worked. And it did! My acne cleared in a couple weeks! It was great!

But then I got this red puffy thing above my eye. It was peeling and very embarrasing. I went on a team-travel swim meet with my swim team and the whole time people were asking me what it was. I was freaking out the whole time, because I didn't know what the cause was! About a month later, I used the whole bottle. And seriously two days after I stopped using it, the red thing above my eye went away. That's when I knew the cleanser was doing it. I got kinda mad at myself actually. It never dawned on me that the cleanser was doing it.

I decided to try the exfoliator next. It did the same thing, except worse. It looked like I had a black eye! And my nose was peeling. I stopped using that, and now my face is a big pimple. I'm in desperate need of an acne product... that actually works!

My acne is probably genetic, because my mom suffers from acne too. But I gave her the exfoliator cream that made my face peel, and it works perfectly fine on her! My advice is don't get this product if you have sensitive skin. It will dry you skin out into a raisin. It worked for my mom, so I guess it's ok for people with tougher skin. But I wouldn't take the chance. I just wouldn't get it period.

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