Help for preteen breakouts and hidradenitis suppurtiva

by Andrea
(United States)

For the past year or so my 12 year old daughter has had acne. Currently she does not get too many new outbreaks of spots but has an awful lot of dark scars. About 3 weeks ago I started applying lemon juice and vitamin e oil (the highest IU I could get for this was 30,000) to the scars and I have seen some improvement.

I see that you drink rooibus tea and I bought some just yesterday for her to try. I understand there is also a rooibos green tea and I would welcome any comments you have as to which would be best for her.

Also I am wondering if Rooibus tea, green or black might help with a skin condition called hidradenitis suppurtiva (painful recurrent boil type eruptions) which my son has suffered from about 8 years (stage III). It's had a devastating effect on his life and any advice you may be able to offer would be gratefully received. He has undergone all the usual treatments such as long term antibiotics, lancing, excision etc to no avail. However, he has had some success through changing to a healthier diet (no dairy, red meat, artificial additives) but still has a long way to go.

Again, many thanks for providing such a valuable resource.

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