Herbal tea, Clearasil and St.Ives

by Melody

I can honestly say that I really know what you're going through and have gone through. At this present time (I'm still trying to figure out why by personally doing my own research on the subject), I am suffering from a few sore, read acne spots around my mouth area.

I've been suffering from acne ever since January 2007 (although for a month or two, I did suffer from some acne on my face and back last year. But it cleared away). At first, I put it down to chocolate, tea and coffee since I did consume quite a lot of all three. Every time I found myself getting rid of my acne spots, more would take their place. Eventually, I became so desperate to get rid of my acne that I completely FORBADE myself to consume chocolate and anything containing caffeine.

Over time, I managed to adapt to drinking certain types of herbal tea, which I found through my own personal research are supposed to be very good for skin and clearing out all the germs and bacteria that cause acne (also healing your skin of present acne).

In addition to increasing my water intake, I too drink Rooibos tea, although I can’t understand how applying it to your face is supposed to be any good for you. I read that same statement from another reviewer online. Can you please tell me how and why it helps?

I also like to use ’Clearasil Face wash’ once a day (as long as my face hasn’t be burnt, LOL!) and I follow up with ‘Clearasil Spot Cream.‘ For the second and third wash of the day, I use this beautiful, natural, moisturising face wash by ’St Ives.’ Their products are wonderful!

Occasionally, I allow myself to use makeup to temporarily cover up my spots (after applying a good face moisturiser). However, I only do this for special occasions as I like to allow my skin to breathe as often as it can.

When it comes to relating to acne during teenage life, that is one thing that I cannot do, I’m afraid. I was VERY FORTUNATE as I NEVER experienced any type of spots or acne skin problems during my teens. It only seems to have just began a few months ago. I just wanted to share my little present problem with you and see what you think. Anyway, take care and wish me luck that my spots will GET LOST SOON!!!

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