How can I get off retin-a?

by Jenae

I'm 22 and have been using retin-a for years. I know it is very harsh on the skin, leaving it tight and dry and unprotected. But when I try to stop or even cut back, a horrible skin rash appears with dozens of little bumps - and I'm left with this dilemma.

Can you help? Thanks so much.

Yvette's reply: Jenae, when the skin first reacts well to retin-a, it is recommended that you start cutting back on how much you use. Sounds like your skin got used to the retin-a and is showing some "withdrawal" symptoms ;)

You could try using petroleum jelly to counteract the bumps, but first I would suggest you talk to your dermatologist and see if he can advise you on a gradual decrease in dosage/applications.

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