I dont know what happened to me

by ima

i am 20 now, before i never had acne but since a year ago acne come to my face so bad without any reason. i eat the same food, i got the same stress level everyday like i had before i got acne. now i think i have depression,,,,,,i cry a lot when i see my face. i did treatment and when it showed the improvement suddenly in one night without any clear reason, all the acne came back on my face so so so bad. i cry and cry and cry. i dont know what is the reason. i cant stare at people. but i have to do a lot of work with people. i feel angry to god. why he do this to me ? all of my hardwork suddenly dissaoear at one night without any reason. i'm really sad right know. i feel like i dont have more energy.

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Aug 24, 2016
Beauty is on the inside....please don't stress
by: Yvette

Dear Ima, I know how you feel and I've gone through all of this before. I know it almost seems uncontrollable. Don't give up and don't let your perception of what other people are thinking make you feel bad. Keep your spirit thankful and happy. When people see that, they will only see the true, beautiful person that you are.

I want to share a secret - being many years older now, my acne has completely disappeared. And people always comment that I look 10-13 years younger than my true age. This is one fantastic thing you will have in your 30s! Oilier skin is a curse when you're young, but the same problem actually keeps you looking youthful when you get older.

Also, God did not do this to you - every person lives with their own gifts and challenges, and this is definitely a challenge - at this time.

Keep your spirits up and know that things do not stay the same. Keep searching for the right treatment, and know that you are a beautiful person.

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