Finding the Best Make Up for Acne Scar Coverage

If you are in the market for make up for acne scar coverage, you may be overwhelmed at the sheer number of options available. From the packed drug store aisles to crowded cosmetics counters to television infomercials that tout the many positive aspects of all of these products, there is something out there for everyone with all types of skin.

In addition to finding a type of make up that works to cover your existing acne scars, you will also want a make up that will not add to your acne problem by clogging pores or creating excess oil on your skin. Furthermore, you will want a make up that can be easily applied and will not give you the appearance of chunky, clumped make up.

Step #1: Find make up that suits your skin type

The first step in finding the best make up for acne scar coverage is to find a make up that suit the needs of your specific type of skin. For those with dry skin, then make up containing small amounts of oil may be necessary to ensure smooth coverage.

Conversely, if your skin is naturally oily, look to oil free make up so that your oil problem is not worsened with your makeup. However, you should be sure to choose a type of make up that is noncomedogenic, meaning that it will not clog your pores. Also, look to a lighter make up that will not appear thick or clumpy on your face, especially when it comes to covering uneven skin or acne scars.

Step #2: Choose a make up that uses a multi-step process

The second step in finding the best make up for acne scar coverage is to choose a make up that uses a multi-step process. One popular brand of make up is Jane Iredale, which uses several steps to create a flawless, even look that can cover even the worst acne scars. A similar type of mineral make up scar coverage is Bare Minerals.

Typically, these multi step make up systems start with a light foundation or concealer that works to cover blotchy skin tones and create a smooth and flawless look for your skin.

Just as with traditional concealer or foundation, this product should be blended into your neck to prevent the mask-like appearance. Next, a light powder is applied to reduce shine and further blend the color to create an excellent overall appearance. Finally, blush and eye make up is applied to customize the look to your specific cosmetic appearance.

Whatever brand of make up for acne scar coverage, you should be sure that the color matches your skin tone. Especially for women with darker skin tones, this task may prove quite daunting.

However, choosing a color of make up that is either too dark or too light for your natural skin tone can only add to your problem and draw more attention to your acne scars instead of hiding them. Consider a professional consultation with a make up artist to find the shade of color that works the best with your skin tone.

Once you have found the best make up for acne scar coverage, you should also be on the look out for proper cleansing agents to completely remove the make up at the end of the day. You should never sleep in your make up or wear your make up for a prolonged amount of time, since the chemicals can break out your skin and add to your acne problem.

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