Which Neutrogena Acne Product is the Best?

Consider using a Neutrogena acne product to cleanse, condition, and protect your skin whether you are experiencing problems with acne or just want your skin to look it best.

The sheer number of options available on the skin care aisle of your local drug store may be overwhelming, and Neutrogena is a company that has reliably produced quality products for years and has developed a wide number of pleased users.

Before you buy, consider asking your friends, family members, neighbors, and even coworkers about the Neutrogena products they use on a regular basis. Word of mouth referrals and reviews are often the best way to determine whether a product will work for you before you invest time and money in any skin care product.

Depending on your needs, you may need to utilize a different Neutrogena acne product than another individual. In addition to being specially developed for a wide variety of skin types, Neutrogena products are made for a variety of acne problems on different levels of acne severity.

Neutrogena Washes

Look for washes that contain salicylic acid – an agent that sloughs off skin and prepares the skin for other acne treatments. Again, know the skin type the product is specifically developed for, as this will make a notable difference in the product’s success.

Neutrogena acne products containing salicylic acid alone can treat mild acne. Those with stubborn to severe acne can use this product in combination with a stronger acne treatment, like benzoyl peroxide. Always check with your doctor or dermatologist first before using any treatments, especially if you are pregnant.

Some recommended Neutrogena washes include:

  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash
  • Neutrogena Deep Cleaning Wash, or
  • Neutrogena Multi-vitamin Skin Therapy

Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment

This Neutrogena acne product comes highly recommended. It contains a percentage of benzoyl peroxide to make it effective in the battle against acne. BP penetrates deep into the skin where it can reach bacteria that is otherwise difficult to kill.

Make Up Concealer

Another fantastic Neutrogena acne product is its make up concealer stick that combines acne fighting medication with a special type of make up. This item is a lifesaver for many individuals who find themselves with a zit or pimple right before any big event.

Instead of using make up that can only add to the problem and create a bigger zit or possible spread the infection, this medicated concealer is great for serving two purposes in one fell swoop.

Neutrogena Products for Dry Skin

Also in the line of Neutrogena acne product is a lotion made for individuals fighting dry skin. Although acne generally affects individuals with oily skin, those with dry skin are often affected due to the excessive amount of dead skin cells on their face.

By keeping your skin properly hydrated with lotions, the appearance of these dead skin cells is reduced and the appearance of acne decreases.

Furthermore, dry environments and harsh winter weather can often do a number on your skin, requiring you to turn to a proper moisturizer to ensure your skin quality is still superior. Instead of choosing a lotion that can block pores and cause acne problems, look to those on the Neutrogena line that are noncomedogenic.

Neutrogena Dermabrasion

Finally, the most popular product on today’s market is the Neutrogena dermabrasion kit. This kit works like a professional dermabrasion tool and successfully abrades the top most layer of skin to showcase the smooth, supple skin below.

In addition to removing dead skin cells and any other debris that may work to clog pores, this kit allows your skin to gain a smoother appearance, critical for women who wear make up.

Although the kit costs more than the other products in the line, the price is much less than that of a professional dermabrasion session and you can have as many treatment courses as you wish at no extra cost to you.

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