Finding the Best Oily Skin Remedy for Your Skin

If you are experiencing acne due to oily skin, find a good oily skin remedy to clear up your acne and allow your face to glow.

Each individual will have a different type of skin, but generally there are four main types: oily, dry, sensitive, and combination. Individuals with dry skin produce little oil and generally have problems keeping moisture in their skin.

Likewise, individuals with sensitive skin may have allergies to certain ingredients or items commonly found in skin care products. Individuals with combination skin generally have an oily “T-zone” (usually the forehead, nose, and chin), but dry cheeks.

Finally, individuals with oily skin find that they have the biggest problem with how to get clear skin. Acne is generally caused by an overproduction of oil in the sebaceous glands, which combines with other debris to completely clog the pore.

Determine Your Skin Type

In order to determine which type of skin you have, your best bet is a dermatologist. A professional will be able to determine if your skin is oily, dry, sensitive, or combination.

Keep in mind that having oily skin does not mean that you are guaranteed to experience acne, nor does it mean that any signs of acne cannot be completely cleared. Generally, individuals with oily skin need a different approach to battling acne, so your dermatologist will be able to put you on an oily skin remedy that will most likely answer your problems.

Laser Treatment to Control Oil

One popular oily skin remedy that is quickly catching on is laser treatment. Using a laser, or even a blue colored light, a professional will aim directly at the sebaceous glands in your pores.

These lasers or lights effectively shrink the glands, prohibiting the amount of oil they produce. The procedure is generally painless and takes little recovery time, although your face may appear reddened.

One of the biggest drawbacks to the procedure is the price, which is based on a per-visit amount. Depending on your level of acne, different visits will be required, so more visits directly influences the cost of the procedure.

Over the Counter Prescriptions

If you would rather forego lasers in your oily skin remedy, consider alternatives that are available over the counter or with a prescription.

There are countless face washes, lotions, ointments, and topical medications that work to directly affect the oil glands and prevent them from clogging pores. Also, consider looking into oral medications that can target your oil production at its source.

Many individuals with a hormone surge or imbalance, including teenagers and pregnant women, which causes many individuals produce excess oil.

Natural Remedies

Finally, consider a natural oily skin remedy. Many individuals choose to use masks made of a basic substance like baking soda to absorb oil. Also, consider using sheets of highly absorbent rice paper to handing oily sheens on the go. Furthermore, look to herbs and extracts like tea tree oil to directly improve the quality of your skin, reduce the amount of oil produced, and eliminate acne.

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