Persistant whiteheads

I have been having a problem with persistent whiteheads developing underneath my eyes. They don't go away despite whatever I try. I know I shouldn't use a needle to pop them but sometimes I can't resist. However most of them are situated on the soft skin under the eyes and I don't dare use a needle there. On the few far enough away from the soft skin that I have tried to remove the pus and it's very solid. Not at all like that of your average whitehead. They do go away eventually but it can take as long as a year and new ones quickly take their place. Do you think I should consult a dermatologist?

Yvette's reply: Whiteheads usually go away within a few days on their own if left alone. You might give benzoyl peroxide cream a try and see if this helps to dry up the pimple.

However, whiteheads that don't go away for months are unusual. So if the BP cream doesn't work, I would definitely seek the advice of a dermatologist. It is possible he or she may prescribe you some medication to control any internal inflammation.

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