Pregnancy hormones to clear up acne?

by Kelsey

So I got pregnant a little over a year ago, and while I was pregnant, my skin cleared up completely. I have always had skin problems. But anyways, now that I have had my daughter, who is six months, my acne is starting to come back. My mom was talking about how I should go to my ob/gyn and talk to her about getting pregnancy hormones to take just to clear up my skin? I have never heard of such a thing, do you know what shes talking about? If I could do that it would be great.

Yvette's reply: Congrats on your baby girl, Kelsey!

I had the same problem after having my daughter - my first. My skin was so clear while I was pregnant, but only a couple months after giving birth my acne started to return.

I became more health conscious after this and when I was pregnant with my second, I was seeing a chiropractor for overall wellness and maintaining a healthy diet. After I had my son, I also started juicing fruits and veggies. My acne has since not returned. I am convinced it is a combination of those things and maintaining my health.

Anyhow, your mom is likely talking about the birth control pill which contains the hormone estrogen. This hormone in women has shown to help clear up acne because it helps maintains a hormonal balance.

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