Rice water

by Ella

Is rice water really a home remedy for acne?

Yvette's reply: Ella, I haven't heard too much about using rice water for acne - I've heard of drinking japanese rice vinegar to clear out the body and therefore reduce acne, which some people swear by.

Nonetheless, here is what I've found from my research. Rice water does contain vitamin B, which is good for your skin and can have a "toning" effect. In this way, it may tighten your pores or act as an astringent.

Whether it is suitable for acne, I am not so sure. To eliminate acne you really need a regimen - a cleanser, toner and acne treatment. So in this case the rice water may only serve as a toner or perhaps you could try it as a spot treatment. But you would still need a good cleanser and acne treatment solution to complete your daily regimen.

Therefore, I would suggest you try lemon juice first :) It has fruit acids that can treat your acne as well as scars. It acts as an exfoliant and can get rid of the dead skin cells so the new skin underneath can come up faster.

Click here for more advice on using lemon juice as a remedy externally or internally to cleanse your sytem.

Home treatments for acne are a great alternative to look into. You can avoid many of the chemical skin pollutants like parabens by creating your own acne skin care products at home! Often, however, home remedies can take a bit longer to show their effectiveness and many people cannot wait it out to see the results.

Their effectiveness also depends on the type of acne you have. Something like rice water could work for a person with mild acne and oily skin. Or, it could aggravate your acne if you have sensitive skin and require gentles ingredients.

If you want to know more about how to use natural ingredients according to your skin type, stay tuned…I am currently developing a home treatment for acne recipe book, which I hope to have posted on the site soon!

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