Rooibos tea and Pregnancy

by Nalia
(United States)

Hi there I am 18 weeks pregnant and having some cystic acne on my chin and cheeks. I have been going to the dermatologist and am on topical clindimycin and oral erythromycin and using proactiv and it doesn't seem to be working.

I am thinking of quitting it all and going back to a mild face soap and cetaphil moisturizer. It's probably from all the raging pregnancy hormones but it really sucks!!!

I am 30 yrs old and never had this bad acne with my other two pregnancies. My question to you is, is rooibos tea safe for pregnant women and where do you get it? Thank you for listening, Nalia

Yvette's reply: Hi Nalia - definitely no two pregnancies are ever quite the same! With daughter, my skin was flawless fairly early on. With my son, my skin didn't clear up until the third trimester.

Absolutely, rooibos tea is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. It is caffeine free, and in fact was originally intended to settle the nervous systems of colicky babies.

You can buy it from any grocery store or buy it bulk online from suppliers such as (this particular supplier is Canadian, but I'm sure you can find an American one."

Have fun drinking as much as you want whenever you want!

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