Simple changes can make a difference

by Nicky
(United States)

I read your story and it made me emotional. I didn't/don't have as severe acne as you say you did but it is bad enough for me to feel ashamed. I notice when I take my vitamins and minerals it gets better so I do that everyday like clock work.

One thing I did notice though was when I went home to visit my mother in Montana. I currently reside in LA and we all know how bad the water is. I was at my mother's for 10 days and my face had 2 small blemishes (the best it has ever been)!! I thought to myself what could be the differences there than in LA - well the water! So now I have just ordered a shower filter. I am super excited about that as well as getting a ton of pillow cases so I can change those out on a daily basis!

I thought I would share - these are simple but make such a difference. :)

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