still in battle

by nataki Burke

I'm a 37 year old single mom that has been battling acne since 10. I tried otc, infomercial products and home remedies. Later in life after being on the pill my acne was under control. Now in my mid 30's and being off the pill it has come back stronger than before. I was recently diagnosed with colitis and shortly after had a major break out, consisting of huge cyst on face and neck. I'm not sure if it was releated to my colon issue or due to stress. I use salicylic acid treatment, benozite and oatmeal mask, alternating,and have been mixing a little jojoba oil with my spf 15 lotion during the day in the winter months. I have really oil skin but it gets worst if I don't moisturize and th jojoba oil is really light. my acne is finally under control but I'm left with really dark scars. I hope the worst is over I'm starting to juice again and watch what I eat( avoiding fried foods and dairy). I'm still trying to figure out what works. But your story is inspiring and is motivation to battle on!

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