The Clear Skin Prescription (by Dr. Perricone)

by anonymous

I have had acne for seven years and like all of you in these acne product reviews, I have tried everything under the sun to just get rid of these spots! Well, I stumbled across this book by Dr. Perricone called The Clear Skin Prescription when I was staying at a vacation rental and decided to peruse the owner's library. I learned a lot about the relationship between stress hormones and the chain reactions they cause that lead to acne. There was also tons of info on nutrients and vitamins and yes, 85% dark chocolate is good for you!

Dr. Perricone specializes in ani-aging skin care, however, I found it interesting how acne and aging overlap after reading this book. He presents the clear skin prescription as a combination of topical treatment, vitamins, and diet. I decided to order the book used online and immediately started the program. I ended up eating a lot of turkey, salmon, berries and any food that is low on the glycemic index.

After a month, I noticed that I had lost some weight, my skin was more luminous, smooth and clearer and I had more energy. I would tell anyone to try it out because I really think that it gave me a tremendous jump start back to clear skin. Since I did the diet for that period of time, I have indulged here and there and have noticed that sugar is tied to my acne. I paid five dollars total for the book and feel that the information in it is priceless.

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