What's the quickest way to clear my moderately severe acne?

This past spring is when my face started breaking out worse than ever before. I've tried so many products and really can't take anymore disappointment. My acne isn't severe, but not mild. Any suggestions?

Yvette's reply: For now, I would pick up a tube of benzoyl peroxide 2.5% concentration and apply it thinly to your face on areas you commonly get acne. It's more for preventative use, so if you see zits, it's already to late for those. But it'll help to prevent future zits.

This is a very popular question, and I am currently putting together a report on how to choose over the counter products that work. The report will include the "must have" secret ingredients common to OTC products that work really well. So stay tuned, and I'll put up a link to that here real soon.

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