White heads in ONE spot

by Lizzie
(Detroit, MI )

Hi there!

I have been getting a grouping of white heads in one spot of my face, by my chin/cheek.

I will have like, 3-7 pop up over night!! The rest of my face is like, 99% clear!

With careful cleaning and leaving them there - they may go away for a week and it looks like my skin's going to clear up, and BAM! They come back : (

I've tried facials at a Day Spa, different exfoliates, Retin A Micro, Benzoyl Peroxide, the Murad product line, Paula's Choice product line, all over a period of time of course...

This has been going on a year or so.

I am a 32yr. old white girl, exercise 3 times or so a week, drink plenty of water/tea, and eat primary vegetarian with a little processed food..

I am a massage therapist - a co-worker said it may be the oil clogging my pores?? It's not my whole face - just that spot.

And it DOES itch sometimes when I'm working, because it's either healing or breaking out! lol. I try not to touch of course. I almost want to put a band-aide on it (to cover/heal), but it's on my face : (

Any advice is greatly appreciated...

Thank you : )

Yvette's reply: Hmm...recurring whiteheads or zits of any kind, for that matter, are always frustrating.

Interesting that BP (benzoyl peroxide) didn't work. How about trying real lemon juice? Just apply the juice on the area morning and night everyday for about 3 weeks to see if it makes a difference.

Another option to try since you are in a similar professional field and if you're open to it, is chiropractic care.

I personally have seen the complete elimination of acne after a year of chiropractic treatments. Many people think seeing a chiropractor is only for back problems, but it can help with total wellness.

The nerves running from your brain through your spinal cord allow your body's cells to heal and regenerate. By performing "adjustments" on your spine, the chiropractor helps that nerve pathway to flow freely without interference. This allows the body its maximum ability to heal itself and has been known to help reduce and even eliminate acne.

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