3 years of skin worry free!! my cystic acne was gone but then....

by Jess

For almost 3 years I was worry free of breakouts!! my cystic acne gone, but then came back!

I had HORRIBLE cystic acne all over my face, back and chest, all through middle school and part of high school. Then I was prescribed Accutane by my dermitologist when other things weren't working. I had one treatment and it cleared things up. Then we waited a couple of months. Some of the Acne came back so I went through another cycle. Side effects included really scaly dry lips, and skin. You're not suppose to go in the sun and I did, and I also have faint little white dots on my upper back which you can't tell unless really close(from the sun?). I was also really bad at taking the medicaiton consistently.

The second cycle removed it 100% And as soon as my acne cleared up I gained so much confidence! I got more involved at school and was president of my high school student council, and did just was more outgoing.

Best three years of my life!!

I didn't have a breakout for what felt like months, and I wasn't doing anything for my skin other than a daily shower. Which was great!
My scaring cleared up too.

For almost 3 years I was skin worry free!!

Now sophomore year in college it came back all of a sudden. I miss my clean skin and I am constantly taking care of it. The acne is not completely back to its original state but almost.
I was oil free for so long and I miss it! All of a sudden I have dandriff too, I never had that before. Maybe from showering more frequently. I try not to use conditioner bc my skin is less oily if I don't.

Although the freaky dry lip and skin for a little while, was awful. Also the blood work and testing was a hassle. I feel like acne is worse. I feel less confident. I don't like to go out as much. Just feel oily and gross all the time. More worried about how I look.

Considering another treatment. It's just more difficult now because I live at school and It would be hard to get to the dr.apts. and my insurance is different.

That's my accutane story.

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