Accutane- second time lucky?

by Tami

Im a 16 year old girl who has been suffering from acne ever since i was 12. At the age of 14 I then dicided i had had enough of my face looking like a greasy pizza and made my mum take me to a dermatolagist. Once there the overly nice doctor, with the way too bleached teeth and plastic looking like skin, took one glance at my face before deciding i was the perfect candidate for accutane. At first I didnt really believe that taking a louzy little pill a day would be the solution to my biggest problem; acne, but after doing a little research on the internet, and reading all the glorious reviews on accutane, i felt prety optimistic that it could work for me. Ofcourse i also read about the not so glorious side effects that taking accutane brought with it, but as long as it cures me from acne i was ready to deal with about anything.

A few weeks into the treatment I had to then realize that most of the posts from people, complaining about overly dry skin and cracked lips were true. Not only that but the side effects seemed to be getting worse as time went on. In the fourth month the skin all over my body ( and not just my face) was so aggitated and red that i looked like a freaking walking tomatoe. Also, my face was so dry that layering any kind of foundation on top proved to be impossible and trust me, i tried a tone of foundations. The good news was that my acne was almost completly gone so by around month 5 i decided my skin had had enough of accutane and i stopped taking it.
To my surprise once the side effects went down and the redness went away, my skin looked amazingly flawless. My dad went even as far as saying my skin looked like that of those photo-shopped models that you see in the glossy magazines. My god was i happy! saddly the happiness didnt last too long cus about half a year later i noticed little pimples returning on my chin. At first i could deal with the pimples and keep them under control but as time progressed they just seemed to be getting worse, eventhough not quiet as bad as before. Now around a year later i am on accutane again. i hope that this time i get lucky and that my acne disapears for good. Wish me luck guys!
P.S sorry about the spelling, i know its awfull :S

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