Acne at 45 - Accutane was my last resort!

by Susie

After several years of putting up with acne, talking to my GP, getting advice from chemists, having spent a fortune on creams, months of antibiotics and becoming very depressed - nobody else seemed to have this problem. It was tiring and embarassing to keep applying make-up to cover the spots up, and at 45, just seemed wrong to have to suffer in this way - people just don�t understand. Most people think it is teenagers who suffer in this way!

However, 2 months ago, and on the advice of a skin consultant I started taking Accutane. This was a huge decision, why? I enjoy lying in the sun, I always have a glass of wine in the evening, and I definitely didn't want the spots to get worse before getting better, however all the above points need to be addressed before starting the treatment - no sun, no alcohol, muscle aches, dry, dry lips and worse skin than before!

However, I am delighted to say that after 7 weeks, at last it appears my skin is improving, and although it has been a depressing few weeks, I think I can positively say I am seeing an improvement. My advice to anybody is please, please be patient with Accutane, it takes time to kick in, but it is definitely worth taking. Make sure you use plenty of lip balm, even before you start taking the tablets and use it daily throughout the course of the treatment, and make sure you use gentle skin moisturisers.

Beware my spots got horrendously worse after 3 weeks, but a further 4 weeks on, I can happily say they are drying up and looking much better than they have for ages - good luck! I feel like a different person, can get out of bed and look at myself in the mirror again, and not have to cover my face in make-up!

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