Acne returned, but not as severe as before

by Lesedi
(South Africa)

Thanks for this site. I am a 29 year old male who suffers from acne, I would say moderate at this stage in life. Before I suffered with severe acne and used an abundance of different products. My last major product used was called Roaccutane which was about 9 years ago. Strong product which stopped my acne for a couple of years but caused a lot of scars on my face(unevenness of skin etc.).

Slowly but surely my skin started to develop pimples again, not as much as it use to although it is a consistent problem. Not a week goes by without a pimple appearing.

Well enough about this. There are products like AcnEase & Acuzine that state that these products will stop the problem of acne. They are quite expensive and I'm not about to take a risk cause i'm not sure if these products work. Is there anyone who has used these products and do they work? I have reviewed the 7 Step Plan for acne here and will try to follow it.

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Nov 27, 2010
Nautral treatment for Acne
by: Anonymous

Hi all,

I'm a 23 old male from Trinidad. I got fed up of antibiotics and I found a cure via dieting.

I replaced my morning breakfst with strictly fruits and only 2 days after I did this I did not break out with new acne.

The old ones just kept on healing and eventually after 2 weeks my acne was gone. Note that I had very painful acne before.

In my 3rd week my face got very smooth, all I had was the scars, however, if you stop with the fruits diet the acne does not return immediately but it comes back after 2 weeks.

This is a better way unlike with antibiotics you break out before they work.

The diet works from Day 1. You can either keep up with the diet and get no more acne or do it for sometime if you need to clear up some acne on your face.

Important: ensure that the fruits you eat in the morning are th first things you eat. And drink lots of water too.

If anyone needs additional guidance for this let me know.

Nov 07, 2010
Try this
by: annie

I have been suffering with acne for the past 4yrs and once you've had clear beautiful skin all your life, this shocking and very ugly disease is emtionally painful. I have been to many dermatologists and tried a huge amount of over the counter acne treatments, been to a number of gynaes as well but it seemed hopeless. Roacutane is a dangerous drug in my opinion. My face was covered with acne and scars. Ive taken 2 creams from 2 derms scripts. My skin has improved dramatically in a short space of time. Skinoren for the pimples and mederma for the scars and pimples. I use santoor soap to wash my face.

Yvette's reply: Thanks for sharing your experience, Annie. I know Skinoren (also known as Azelaic Acid) has worked for many individuals.

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