Excellent Medication!

by Faith
(Monterey, CA.)

I took Accutane after having "problem skin" since I was about 14 or younger. Unfortunately, it was not available then and I didn't take it until I was in my early to mid-30's. I believe I went through 2 courses of treatment. My skin has cleared up since then and when my daughter (now 14) started to break out I consulted my dermatologist to see if it was appropriate for her. She has been taking Accutane for about the last 6 months (just finished the course of treatment) and her skin is beautiful. I am so happy that she doesn't have to go through the nightmare and the ruin of self-esteem that I had to go through. Sure, it is expensive (at the time I had Blue Cross which reimbursed me for some of the cost), but if you can afford it there is no better treatment for disfiguring and ego-destroying acne. I can't recommend Accutane highly enough. Wish I had it when I was a teenager.

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