Here's hoping-- Fingers crossed!!!

by anonymous

My son is just about to start accutane. We have tried everything.

He has been on all the prescribed & over the counter products for 3 years! Things were kept at bay, but 6 mos ago...Whammo! He is getting pock marks & redness that just looks bad all the time. Besides that, how long is he supposed to stay on antibiotics?!?

We did all the research & know the risks. But let's face it...this is probably one of the few products that they make you KNOW all the side affects to. Most of the time you are told of the common ones. So it does seem WAY scarier to start a product knowing everything out of the gate. How many drugs can you say that about?

He has been told to model & how ruggedly handsome he is. He sure doesn't feel that way right now. I am lucky...I have a teenage son that likes himself & is confident regardless of his skin. Over the last 3 mos, he is starting to become self conscious about his skin. I don't want that for him. It will change who he is & is becoming!!!!

Here's hoping his handsome face returns before that happens.

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Oct 21, 2010
Success Story :)
by: Shelly

My daughter was on accutane for five months almost one year ago. Her skin is BEAUTIFUL after some pretty severe acne for months. The side effects were scary, but she is an outgoing, popular girl, and was starting to stay home more and more because of her acne and was slowly slipping into depression. I cannot say enough good things about this medicine. Yes, she suffered dry skin, chapped lips, back pains and headaches, but within three months her skin was unbelievably clear, and she finished the last two months of treatment happily! I wish we had thought to take before and after pictures. It seemed that when we researched this drug, we could only find the horror stories, so I want to share this success story!! VERY HAPPY WITH RESULTS! Good Luck to your son, I hope the same will be true for him!

Oct 16, 2010
Good luck with it!
by: Yvette

Sounds like your son's been through a lot. I can relate. And definitely the teen years is the most sensitive time to experience this.

Good luck to him on his treatments, let us know if they are successful!

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