Isotretinoin Journal

by Candy

I was diagonsed with mild adult acne over a month ago. My Dermatologist prescribed me with 20 mg of isotretinoin and 2 other antibiotics for a span of 2 months. Below is my journal:

Week One

I did not experience anything much. Just a dry lips and skin. I was positive that this might work as I have never had acne all my life.

Week Two

Bad news!!! I get sun burn around my lips. It's painful and horrid to look at. Even worse, I see by the end of the second week my acne has increased. I have got new zits (which are huge) in places I never had. I read there is a possibility that this could happen.

Week 3

Even though my pimples are now better I have got a very painful cyst on my chin and I am worried if I am going to get more. :(

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Dec 06, 2011
accutane at 2 1/2 months!!disapointed
by: colleen

I've been on accutane for almost two and half months. My skin did get worse like everyone said it would including my doctor but now I'm at my 2nd month and really am seeing no progress!! My face is really really red I cant take it. I really hope accutane is working. Like I have had acne since I was about 15 but as I got older my acne got worse and things that worked in the pass, no longer work!! I really need accutane to work. I can't take the pimples, inflamation, and allthe scars. Did anyone experience the same thing as me? And did accutane end up working for them in the end.

ps I realy never thought it was that bad only moderate but now it seems severe.

Aug 03, 2011
It really works!
by: Tee

omg...I'm on isotretinion right now....I'm almost on my 5th skin has been really dry, but not too bad, and at first my acne did get a ton worse....but now it's great....I barely have anymore pimples or zits....just a few scars that will probably fade....I would recommend this for anyone! It worked great for me, I hope you get the same results!

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