Mixed results and side effects

by Miranda
(Virginia )

I sailed through my teens with acne easily controlled with a topical acne drug called benzaclin, but after I reached the age of 23 I developed extreme and rather painful acne as a result of the stresses of waitressing. For the first month and a half to two months, I experienced constant headaches and fits of anger so severe that I would shake. Sometimes I felt extreme despair and fear. My symptoms of that nature and my acne both vanished after two months and began to feel tight and dry, so I began lotioning my face and body frequently and at great length, and my face is so smooth and tight I can't help but touch it and think of how soft it is. People often compliment me on my complexion even when I wear no makeup at all.

My lips peel a lot despite a lot of lip glosses, and my lips shed themselves like a snake sheds skin three times a day. The skin around them also peels a lot and it requires a lot of scrubbing not to appear crusty. All of my skin must be treated very carefully or it scars, and brief periods of sunlight burn my skin.

I ache. My lower back aches all the time and it's incredibly painful to lie flat on my back. My knee was recently suddenly intensely weakened and the doctor suspected a sprained ligament, although there was no discernible reason for me to have sustained an injury. I have since been reading a lot of accounts of people who have developed calcium deposits in their knee tendons as a result of accutane and roaccutane. I am afraid that this has all been a terrible mistake and I plan to talk to the doctor immediately regarding muscle issues.

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