ok here goes accutane!! i really hope this works!!

by walking it alone

ok i am a 26 year old female who has had acne since i turned 13. dont know why, and i am the only one in my family with acne. i dont know what type i have so i will explain it to you and maybe you can figure it out.

i get the ones under the skin that you can't pop for a while and they hurt, i get the ones ontop of the skin that you can pop and they hurt, i get them on my cheeks and jawline, chin, rarely on nose or forehead, but they are always there, everyday more come, not covering my whole face, like now i have about 10 spots on my face that are healing, so this is a good day, but throughout the week, these will go away and new ones to replace it.

well i have not seen a doctor, or went to a dermatologist because i cannot afford it, so i ordered accutane 20mgx60 pills on the internet and will dose my self 20 mg two times daily. i weigh 130 and am 5'7. i do have two forms of birthcontrol, and i am not scared at all. i have read alot about it, and i know i can do this. i reccomend seeing a doctor if you can afford it, but if you cant, like me, and are tired of acne for 13 years, this is what i have to do! i am expecting my package to arrive later this week or beginning of next week, then i will start my journey. i am so excited that this could finally be over!! i will write again when i get them and let you all know what is happening in the life of me!!

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