Roaccutane Worked for Me

by Emily

I was on these tablets for 4 months. I have had acne for years and tried everything possible to cure it. The only thing that ever worked for me was the roaccutane. I dont know why it had taken me so long to do something about it but I would recommend anyone with acne to go on it.

You do get dry lips and eyes but it's worth it, I didn't get any other side effects. It does depend on the person but I think you're already depressed if you're going around with acne.

The first month I took 2 tablets then the 2nd and 3rd months I was on 3 a day and the 4th I was on 4. They are very strong but I have never looked back, I can go out knowing my skin is going to be clear and I am so much happier in myself.

Don't put it off, see a dermatologist an ask them about it. Most doctors don't do much, they put you on tablets and the acne always comes back.

Yvette's reply: Thanks for sharing about your experience with roaccutane. It's great that you found something that works, and yes, you're right, sometimes what doctors prescribe don't always work, and you still end up spending a boat load of money.

Definitely, a dermatologist has specialized knowledge in skin care and is trained to diagnose your skin, whereas doctors may only have general knowledge in this area.

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