"Scared Sleepless of Accutane"

I am a 14 year old girl. I think I have terrible acne. I have seen many people with much worse, but I have it pretty bad. I have tried many things over the last two years and nothing seems to work. I have been told many times I am very pretty, but I just don't feel like it. My friends might not have as pretty faces, but their faces are much much more clear. I have started to become way more self conscious about myself. All I really want is for my acne to go away. My dad always tells me it is what I eat and he seems to be disappointed by my acne, he just doesn't understand how hard I try, and yet it doesn't get better. My mom wants me to go on birth control, but that scares me. I just don't know what to do, I'm scared I'm getting scars too!

My dermatologist is putting me on Accutane tommorrow....I was excited about it, but then I started reading all these things and it scares me really bad, what if I get some weird side effects, what if my faces scars horribly, what if my face gets way worse, what if it never goes away? I'm about to go to high school and I really don't want all my acne to come with me....all of this is scaring me soo badly, I'm not sure it is worth it...:( I cant even go to bed...I just really really hope my acne will go away forever....

Yvette's reply: As you have decided to go ahead with accutane, try not to worry...let us know how it goes - good luck!

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Apr 17, 2011
It's working ok
by: Tee Brogan

I have been on accutane for almost a month, and my acne has decreased a lot actually. I still have some redness and scars probably, but overall it looks pretty good...I also get a breakout here and there, but that is mostly when I'm having my period. My dermatologist put me on a low dose and I haven't had any weird side effects except for the dry lips. I really love this medication, and my self confidence is coming back. I'm not scared to take pictures with friends anymore, my dad doesn't hound me on what to eat and not, and my mother has told me how pretty I look...I am so surprised by how well it worked, and I hope it doesn't flare up anymore...

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