Scars from accutane treatment

by Dean
(United States)

You mention possible terrible scars from Accutane. My daughter has them. 4 yrs after treatment they keep getting bigger, and I think her skin can no longer heal itself. Desperate for any help or advice.

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Nov 30, 2010
by: Olivia Nixx

I am sorry to hear that about your daughter. I have acne and am trying to get rid of it myself lol. (My mom says it's no big deal but IT IS. I HAVE IT EVERYWHERE BLAH). But I've had acne and have been studying it for awhile now and I know that what it all comes down to is how far you're willing to go to get rid of it. If she has scarring then I suggest vitamin E. To permanently get rid of the bad bad acne, you should remove it. So for that I would sugest laser surgery. If her skin is very oily get a vitamen E that's perscribed especialy for her so it doesn't contribute to more oil..

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