Waiting for Accutane to kick in

by Erin

I'm fifteen years old, will be turning sixteen in a month. I've had acne since I was in about fifth grade. I experience it on my shoulders, chin, forehead, and sometimes my chest. Acne makes everything difficult, not being able to wear tank tops, or baithing suits without the worry. I'm in cross country and Show Choir which I love so much, but everything you wear is open-backed. People tell me my skin is not that bad but acne is all I see when I look at my face. I also have scarring pretty bad. All I dream about is for my skin to just clear up.

My dermatologist put me on accutane about a month ago, claiming that if I wanted to do something very aggressive to make my skin clear, this would be it. I was so thrilled to be on it, I would endure anything for clear skin. I'm almost done with my first dose of accutane, and my skin at first was the clearest thing I've had in a long time...then it progressively got worse, my Mom called the deramtologist and she said that this is normal within the first month. I'm being as patient as I can be, I guess I just expected faster results. I will follow the dermatologist's orders of using no other acne treatment but accutane, but it's really hard to sit back and let my skin breakout and do nothing about it but take a pill. I'm hoping to see results very soon.

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